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Prospect Consulting


All our research projects follow our six principles of what we believe are the foundations of sound research 
  1. It has to help you make better decisions, decisions that lead to action. 
  2. Starts with a good brief. Which means being able to specify what you want to get out of it and possible actions. The brief expresses the aims and objectives simply.
  3. To remember that its great ideas that make the difference- not better analysis.
  4. Research should test hypotheses and evaluate and refine options. It should not assume that consumers are able to tell you what they want.
  5. Engages and interests respondents. Uses language that is conversational and personal and addresses the respondents as an individual.
  6. Encourages participation and gives respondents “a reason why”; let them know why their opinion matters. 
Research does not replace the need to continually talk to customers.