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Statistics Unmasked

About four years ago a client requested a list of all the analysis techniques we use. Having completed the initial task, Professor Paul Fifield enquired about our knowledge of some specific techniques, so we sent him our early draft.  A few days later Paul asked if he could circulate it among his MBA students at Southampton University.  Because of this we thought it deserved a wider audience, so if you would like the document click the link below and you will receive a copy.   

The techniques described cover:  
     Correspondence analysis  Cluster analysis
     Factor Analysis  Discriminant analysis
     Needs segmentation and Needscape  Data Fusion
     Regression importance  Derived versus stated importance
     Conjoint analysis  Conjoint and price
     Conjoint, the simulator  Brand price trade off plus other techniques
     Simulated test markets  Structural Equation Modelling

One reader said- "This is absolutely brilliant - really interesting stuff and a great magnum opus" 

The document avoids mathematical formulae and jargon.  We try to concentrate on the techniques that are predictive of future action such as buy, buy again, use more, switch to etc. Such behaviour relates to your businesses future success. 

To receive a copy of "Statistics Unmasked" click here.